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Here you can find all the different ways that you can get involved with Babyloss STAR and support the work we do.

4 thoughts on “Get Involved

  • By Tracy Turner - Reply

    Where can i send my wedding dress too as a donation towards materials needed to make these items? Ive made cash donations but want to give my dress aswell please.

  • By Jessie rooke - Reply

    I would like to send my wedding dress please can I have address where to send it. I lost my little boy, Michael in Feb 2012. Being able to dress him made a part of the worst experience easier. I can’t explain why but it was. I am so grateful for that.

  • By Katie portway - Reply

    I would like to donate my wedding dress and think this is a beautiful cause

  • By Mrs B Redpath - Reply

    My daughter in law wants to donate her beautiful wedding gown can you please tell me if the list is open yet.

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