For Families

This section contains a wealth of information, ideas and resources for people who may be, or have been affected by the death of a baby and the people who care for them.

I have organised it into sections to help you navigate your way more easily.


My Baby Might Die

The information in this section is created for parents who receive a diagnosis during pregnancy which means that their baby may not survive pregnancy, birth or may have an uncertain future.


My Baby Died

The information in this section has been provided for parents who have experienced the death of their baby. Information is provided for parents who have just discovered this sad news, and is available to help you plan the next steps. Further information is provided for parents who have experienced the loss of a baby some time ago.


Their Baby Died

This section has been created to provide friends and family with information about how to support someone who has lost a baby.

If you work within maternity or bereavement services you may also find useful information and resources in this section.


I’m Pregnant Again

This section is for parents pregnant after the loss of a baby. Trying to conceive, and progressing through a subsequent pregnancy can be an anxious time. The information within this system may support you to heal and find peace within your pregnancy and parenthood.