Babyloss – A Parent’s Perspective Study Day

Baby Loss – A Parent’s Perspective is a captivating glimpse into parental experiences of Babyloss, at different stages and in different situations. In a gentle, supportive way you will be guided through the spaces in which your profession interacts with parents at such a sad time. You will gain a fantastic understanding of the importance of your role, and how processes, policies, procedures and care can be most supportive to parents. The study day is innovative, using multiple methods to deliver the information. You will leave feeling moved, inspired and equipped to continue to support these families.

Who are the study days suitable for?

Our study days are designed to be adapted to meet the needs of any discipline, and lend themselves well for multidisciplinary learning.  We can offer general babyloss awareness training, suitable for anyone, as well as study days that meet the needs of specific groups including

  • Midwives and maternity staff
  • Student midwives
  • Aspiring midwives
  • Gynaecological nursing staff
  • Neonatal nurses
  • Paediatric nurses
  • Student nurses
  • Medical staff
  • Radiology staff
  • Staff working in holistic or talking therapies/mental health
  • Chaplaincy staff
  • Health visiting or social services staff
  • Antenatal teachers
  • Hospice staff

What are the aims of the study day?

After attending this day participants will

  • Glimpse the reality of different types of loss situations – through a parent’s eyes.­­­
  • Gain an increased understanding of the impact – at the time of the loss and as it affects families in the future.
  • Have considered how adaptations to current processes and pathways may be benefit families in their area.
  • Be better equipped to facilitate informed choice for parents before, during and after loss.
  • Understand how memory making and legacy building can promote healing.
  • Improve their skills to help parents create memories after a loss.
  • Leave feeling inspired about how their role can have a positive impact upon families at this sad time.
  • Have given consideration to how to care for themselves as the professional supporting distressed parents.
  • Discover some of the support on offer from the voluntary sector.
  • Reflect upon how knowledge gained can be applied to practice.

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