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Amanda Cushing – Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Bereavement Support Midwife.

I am massively honoured to have been nominated for The Butterfly Awards – Bereavement worker category among some really wonderful people. Thank you to the lovely family who nominated me, your kind words have meant so much and your little girl will always be remembered by all of us who were lucky enough to meet her.

I have been a midwife since 2000 and bereavement support midwife since 2011 at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Being a midwife has always been a real privilege, we are let into families lives to support them on their most important and special day. I knew I wanted to be a midwife as soon as I entered the labour ward during my placement on the maternity unit as a student nurse, I was struck by what an amazing job this was. After finishing my nursing diploma I applied for midwifery training and in August 2000 qualified as a midwife.

I was right, it is a truly amazing job, we as midwives are hugely privileged to care for families at such a special and sacred time as the birth of their baby – both in the best and worst of times. It struck me very early on how we as midwives can make a difference in the care we give, that it should be safe, and given with empathy to their own individual needs. I worked as part of the labour ward high risk midwifery team, then as a labour ward coordinator, starting my current post as bereavement support midwife in July 2011.

It is really important to me that we all work to make a difference when a family are going through the saddest of times and I have worked hard over my six years in the role to strive for the best care possible for our bereaved parents, part of my job is to offer training to other health professionals to help them gain insight, grow in empathy and confidence when caring for a family during a devastating time. We only have limited time and once chance to do as well as we can to support the family in caring for their baby and it is so important we get things done in direct response to the families needs. We aim to see every family as the individuals they are, ensure that that they have all of the information they need are able to make the choices that are right for them, and to work to get these done for the family.

I spend time helping parents and supporting other team members to help parents collect memories of their little one, taking hand and foot prints, clay impressions and clay plaques and look further afield to source as many beautiful memory items as possible to offer to families, so they have memories to treasure of their little one, as they face the difficult times ahead.

Once the family have gone home from hospital I am happy to see them for listening visits, to answer any questions and concerns, organise any extra photos or visits or further tests and referrals as necessary and I provide a telephone contact service where the family are free to contact me by phone or text at any time. This support extends into their next pregnancy should they find this helpful, and I am always happy to answer a call or text and help set someone’s mind at rest. Another important part of my role is working towards reducing the number of baby’s deaths and I work as part of the team to report cases of baby loss to MBRRACE UK and work with our MDT to reflect on situations, learn if we can from care given and to help improve our service and reduce the risk of a family going through such devastating loss.

No midwife is an island, and there are so many people who help and support me as part of our multidisciplinary team that deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work and commitment look after our families, our maternity unit team, mortuary APT, medical photographers who take beautiful photographs and process the photos we as midwives take out of hours.
I would also love to acknowledge the help I receive from families who have sadly been through bereavement and have wanted to help others in their time of grief, from those who have started support services and memory making packages, supplying us with unique bespoke items for babies and those who have given us gifts such as our cold cots, moses baskets, memory items pictures and furniture. Our Butterfly Suite would have nothing without you all and I can never thank you enough for helping me to make it such a beautiful sacred place. I have help from so many wonderful baby loss advocates and charities, some of who I am honoured to stand alongside in the nominations for The Butterfly Awards. You are all such kind and beautiful people and I am so honoured to stand alongside you all.

Thank you for reading my profile. I wish all of you the very best.

What Others Had To Say

She makes us feel like we are the only people she has to care for. I know she also volunteers for bereavement counselling. How she does it I really don’t know – she must have been cloned!!! She is an amazing, amazing person, who has brought light where there is darkness.

Her first few visits were over 3 hours. She has endless time for us and never rushes us. Every question she answers by researching, emailing experts or just passes on the info we have needed.

She went to see our baby girl at the weekend, after her post mortem, so she could tell us if she still looked ok before we saw her. Whilst there she took additional handprints and photos for us

26 thoughts on “Bereavement Worker – Amanda Cushing Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Profile Page

  • By Sammy callow-sinclair - Reply

    Amanda is the most amazing bereavement midwife and one of the most professional people I have the pleasure to work with currently. I often work alongside Amanda in the mortuary and we are extremely lucky to have her .She is kind ,professional and her families are her main priority. Well done Amanda!!

  • By Rowan - Reply

    Amanda is amazing, after losing my youngest she was so supportive and anything we needed for various meetings at the hospital she went out of her way to find it for me, I wouldnt have wanted anyone else to be my berievment midwife

  • By Kirsty - Reply

    I have worked with Amanda since 2008 and think she is completely deserving of this nomination. Amanda goes above and beyond her role and always cares for the women, their families and their babies with the absolute highest of standards. Nothing is ever too much for her and she is still often around the ward at midnight despite her shift finishing maybe 6 hours previously. Amanda puts her heart into her job and treats everyone in her care as an individual and for her it’s more than just her job, it’s her vocation.

    Amanda provides encouragement and cuddles to us all, even when she is feeling the pressure herself. She supports the rest of us through training and assistance when we provide care to the bereaved ladies and often stays late or comes in on her days off or during her annual leave to help us in areas we don’t feel quite as confident.

    Filling Amanda’s shoes would be a very hard act to follow for anyone and it would be lovely to see her rewarded for all of her hard work.

  • By Sanjaya kalkur - Reply

    Amanda fully deserves to win. She works very hard in her job

  • By Sanjaya kalkur - Reply

    Amanda fully deserves to win. She works very hard in her job and i have seen her hard work first hand at work

  • By Jodie smith - Reply

    An amazing lady, who doesn’t realise she is worth her weight in gold, to many many people.
    Well deserved nomination. Much love to you Amanda x x x

  • By Teresa Holman - Reply

    Amanda is brilliant at this job, so committed and knowledgeable, helping all the families get through their difficult times following a bereavement.

  • By Victoria Leith - Reply

    I worked as a midwife alongside Amanda and found her to be one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is dedicated and has a great sensitivity that allows her to support not only the bereaved family, but helps other staff understand and support them too. Amanda supported my development in supporting bereaved families when I was newly qualified and did so in such a way that I gained confidence in supporting bereaved families and completing the paperwork and discussing options.

    Amanda is a huge asset to Southend and I am so proud to have worked with her.

  • By Tracy - Reply

    Amanda offered support to myself and my family at the time of our loss & throughout our following pregnancy. Amanda goes well beyond her job role.

  • By Paralysis Hinds - Reply

    Amanda is a credit to the NHS and is loved by all she’s touched xx

    • By Paula Hinds - Reply

      Posted the above comment but auto correct changed my name!!

  • By Debbie - Reply

    For many there is no greater loss than that of a child unless it is that of your unmet love. Not only is it the loss of your beloved unborn baby, but with it, all the hopes and dreams that go with that – a future you will never have. I have worked alongside Amanda as a student and as a qualified midwife and her compassion for the women in her care is endless, regardless of what brought them to her care in the first place. The women and their families are the centre of her care, not only physically but emotionally. Amanda has a unique gift and deserves this nomination. She inspires me everyday to provide women centred holistic care, facilitating women and their families to find acceptance at their sad loss and eventual peace. The women in her care as a bereavement midwife will never forget these tragedies, but because of her, they will have memories and keepsakes that will bring them comfort in their darkest hours.

  • By Dinny - Reply

    Amanda is the most kind, gentle, caring, understanding, empathetic lady I have the privilege of knowing not only on a professional level a personal level as well. I could not think of another person that comes close to Amanda, she beams kindness, calmness and those all important listening ears in your time of heartbreak and devastation.

    Over many years Amanda has given support, love and hope to families she meets at such unbearable times, she gives above and beyond her duty as a bereavement midwife, her actions, empathy, dignity and kindness truly come from the heart and I’m sure that everyone who has sadly been effected by the unimaginable pain of losing their baby always remember Amanda with love.

    This lady is an absolute treasure to Southend Univeristy Hospital who deserves recognition for being simply amazing! x

  • By Helen - Reply

    Amanda is truly a wonderful person. She helped us immensely after the loss of our second baby, not only right after Sebastian died but over the next few months, even helping us out with appointments when we found out we were pregnant with our third baby. She in an inspiration and she certainly deserves this award.

  • By Stacey cahill - Reply

    Amanda is amazing in every way, she done everything she could when my son was born sleeping, she made some beautiful hand & foot prints & photos can’t thank this lady enough x x x

  • By Davina - Reply

    Amanda looked after me and my family when my daughter was born sleeping at 38 weeks. I think Amanda’s remit is supposed to be care for approx 12 weeks. It’s been nearly 12 months and this incredible lady is still by my side. She is unique, she really is. A worksholic who does far too much outside of the hours she’s paid for. And for that I can never express enough gratitude. When I read about other people’s experiences after the loss of their babies, I realise how lucky we have been to have her. I honestly think you won’t find a more deserving winner.

  • By Abbie Fry - Reply

    Amanda is a truly amazing person, Midwife, colleague and friend.
    She has a real passion for the work that she does and I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone more deserving for an award than her. Thank you so much for the work that you do and the compassion and kindness that you show to others

  • By Holly - Reply

    Amanda came into our lives at such a difficult and overwhelming time following the loss of one of our twin boys. She went above and beyond for us as a family every single day. She explained and arranged everything and guided us gently through all necessary processes, as well as allowing us time as a family to grieve. Our surviving twin spent many weeks in Southend Neonatal Unit and Amanda came to visit us there every day, to perform my post natal checks and to be there for us, sometimes late into the evening or early into the morning. She is exceptional at what she does and we cannot think of anyone more deserving of recognition, We remain ever thankful to her for all she did for us.

  • By Stacey jones - Reply

    Amanda is so special as a colleague and a midwife. She provides outstanding care, goes well above what is expected of her in her role. Is a great comfort to the families she meets which is so important at such a traumatic time.

  • By Lucy smith - Reply

    Amanda is not only the epitome of professional but she is truely dedicated to the families she cares for. And she does care for them with such compassion and dedication that she is inspiration to her colleagues and the women she supports. Deserving of this nomination an unsung hero in the trust.

  • By Chrissy Watson - Reply

    Amanda has always amazed me, she works endlessly to help families in their darkest hour.
    She seems to undestand their hurt and pain and her compassion and sensitivity is like no other
    I have ever witnessed.

  • By Emma - Reply

    I wholeheartedly agree that Amanda deserves this award. She is an amazing lady, and helped to make an awful experience just a little bit easier. She genuinely cares and goes above and beyond to support bereaved parents. I will never forget her kindness.

  • By Debra - Reply

    Amanda helped our family in November with the loss of our little girl. Amanda offered our family great comfort in guiding us in how to cope and process our loss. Amanda not only supported myself and other half but helped us on how to explain the situation to our 4 your old daughter. Amanda gives so much effort towards her job and this shows by every word and detail given to families. Amanda is truly a remarkable women who deserves the nomination. I believe that without Amanda’s help our family would be in different place. We have been blessed with another daughter recently born, Amanda reassured us and helped with the anxieties I had. Thank you for all your help we really appreciate it.

  • By Wendy warner - Reply

    I have the private if working and linking with Amanda as a colleague. She is always supportive and most professional at all times. She is truly committed to her role and support parents and staff through such difficult times and most definitely makes a difference.
    Amanda is such and asset to Southend Hospital and Southend, most deserving of this award.

  • By Daisy King - Reply

    She helped me a great deal when I had my loss. I will never forget her. She deserves the award. Im now in my second year of Midwifery and hope to help women the same way she helped me. Voted!

  • By Jade Lewis - Reply

    Amanda, You so deserve to be nominated for this Award & to be acknowledged for all your hard work & determination, you are an inspiration! you gave us memories of Our Little Boy Lewis Daniel Konig and for that we are eternally Grateful. You really are an Angel in disguise and so deserve this accolade for All of your hard work.

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