What we do

Babyloss STAR has been born from the merger of several previous services. We like to think of ourselves as a one stop resource for baby loss services.

Our priority aim is to provide services to parents that they need before, during and after their loss. We are also continuously working towards improving the care received by training professionals across the country.

An extremely valuable and thought provoking study day, not just for midwives but all healthcare professionals who come into contact with someone who has lost a baby. Mel Scott is a very inspiring individual who puts her all into providing the best and most current information available. There isn’t anyone better to deliver this training than Mel, who is a bereaved parent herself.
– Heidi Eldridge, at Mama Academy


When I was 32 weeks pregnant, we learned our little boy was poorly. At 34 weeks, we were told he wouldn’t survive past pregnancy. Mel was the first person who contacted me after learning our little boy was going to pass away before birth. She provided us with much needed support and I honestly do not think I could have got through that period without her. Our little boy, Otis, was born at 35 weeks with his angel wings. Mel has been a shoulder to cry on; a friend to rely on and a person whom we have had full trust in since day 1. It’s thanks to Mel and her support that we had a memory box to take to the hospital to make sure we had treasured items to remember our son by; and it’s thanks to Mel that Otis had a beautiful burial gown to be buried in. Her support has been paramount in our son’s diagosis, death and beyond. I could not be getting through this without her.

– Natalie, mum to Otis born at 35 weeks

Meet The Team

Working hard to improve bereavement services.

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Jade Deverill

The brains and the technical know how.

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Mel Scott

The creative thinker who's full of ideas.

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