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Every year 10 babies a day are born sleeping or sadly pass away shortly after birth. These babies may be very small and too often the parents are unable to find something the right size or that is appropriate to dress their baby in. All parents should be given the opportunity to dress their baby in clothing that not only fits them but is perfect in every way. Our aim is to provide every family who experience the tragic loss of a baby with a gown, cloth nappy, hat, pair of booties and a blanket. These items are not only used to give parents comfort by removing the worry of having to find clothing but helps to create memories of dressing their baby that they will treasure forever.

We have a team of around 800 volunteers across the UK that help us create these specially designed items, so we are able to help parents dress even the most delicate babies. We are able to offer this service from 12 weeks up to full term as our gowns come in 5 different sizes, and have an added special touch, as they are all created from donated wedding dresses.

This year Cherished Gowns has continued to replenish our stock held in 237 hospitals in the UK by providing 15,470 packs of clothing and having a significant reduction in the number of packs sent directly to parents as they now receive them whilst in hospital. Our service is always completely free of charge to both parents and hospitals.

It would not be possible for Cherished Gowns to continue to provide this service without the thousands of volunteers that help us each and every month; from the seamstresses, knitters, crocheters and our admin team, to the brides who donate their dresses.

‘It means the world to us to know our babies will be warm and look beautiful’ – Parent

‘We are so amazed at the little outfits we got to choose from. We didn’t know this charity existed but we are so happy that it does’ – Parent

What Others Have Said
‘Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies UK is a not for profit organisation that provides dignified clothing for babies who have been born too soon, or too late. We provide items from 16 weeks through to Full Term at no cost to the families that tragically go through this difficult time. We try to work directly with the hospitals to provide items so that they are available as soon as they are required, but we also work with funeral homes and will accept requests from family and friends directly.’

43 thoughts on “Cherished Keepsake – Cherished Gowns UK Profile Page

  • By pam ruff - Reply

    A very worthy cause to support – it gives comfort to so many .

  • By Margaret Johnson - Reply

    What a wonderful cause … needed…….

  • By Catherine Stewart - Reply

    What a wonderful charity

  • By Gail James - Reply

    So proud to support this wonderful charity,

  • By Ann sloane - Reply

    My friends makes beautiful blankets etc for this very worthy charity. Amazing work

  • By Summer Malpass-Weaver - Reply

    A wonderful thing for such horrible time

  • By Carla rose - Reply

    Fantastic charity, wish they were around 27 years ago when my little girl was born sleeping

  • By Trudy King - Reply

    This is such a worthwhile charity, I really hope you win the award.

  • By Teresa - Reply

    Having lost a baby myself I offered my wedding dress to be made into these beautiful gowns but was told they had to many. I want my dress to be worn by these precious angels xx

    • By Cherished Gowns UK - Reply

      Hi Teresa, thank you for voting for us! We plan to reopen our waiting list towards the end of the year. If you would like to head over to our website and join our newsletter our will receive an email when just before the reopens 🙂

  • By Claire Gray - Reply

    Cherished gowns brought me so much comfort in my darkest days, My daughter was dressed beautifully when we had to say goodbye thanks to the kindness and generosity of the person who donated their wedding dress and all the people who make the gowns, blankets, hats and booties. I really can’t thank you all enough and will never forget you. Xx

  • By Debbie - Reply

    I would like to donate my wedding dress.

    Please could you provide me with the details of how to do this.

    Many thanks

    • By Cherished Gowns UK - Reply

      Hi Debbie, thank you for voting for us! We plan to reopen our waiting list towards the end of the year. If you would like to head over to our website and join our newsletter our will receive an email when just before the reopens 🙂

  • By Bev - Reply

    Such a lovely idea, beautifully done.

  • By Cat Saxon - Reply

    I don’t know if this the right place to put this but I have a wedding dress I don’t need, you can have it along with the train and the wrap, there’s a lot of material there! How do i get it to you? Thanks, Cat

    • By Cherished Gowns UK - Reply

      Hi Cat, thank you for voting for us! We plan to reopen our waiting list towards the end of the year. If you would like to head over to our website and join our newsletter our will receive an email when just before the reopens 🙂

  • By Carol English - Reply

    a marvellous organization, my friend and I contribute to your service from Italy, we knit and crochet here and whoever of us is going to the UK next takes with them and posts from there, keep up the great work.

  • By Rebecca lee - Reply

    Incredible things you do xxxx

  • By Lorraine - Reply

    Wonderful things you do.

  • By Elizabeth Spearman - Reply

    I would have loved to have had this charity around when I lost my child at 21 weeks pregnant. They bring so much comfort to the parents of those babies lost & dignity for the little angels.

  • By Jane Durham - Reply

    My wedding dress is waiting for you , whenever you need it……xxxx

  • By Gina monteith - Reply

    A very good thing these people do with a good heart

  • By lynn evans - Reply

    I’m so proud to support this charity.

  • By Carole Gregory - Reply

    I have a wedding dress that I would like to donate. How would I do this please. I live in Walsall West Midlands WS9 8RE

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Such a lovely thoughtful collection of volunteers doing an amazing thing for such a worthy cause, my dress was made into many gowns for precious angels& it gave me so much pleasure doing this small thing, you’re all fabulous & do a brilliant job

  • By Sue - Reply

    Wonderful work for such a sad time in people’s lives. My son and his wife had a still born son, eighteen years ago, whose birthday is this week. He is still thought of with love. I wish that they had been able to use your service. My daughter, whose son was born one month later is waiting to donate her wedding gown because of this. Well done.

  • By Wendy Talbot - Reply

    So proud to support such a wonderful charity

  • By Wendy Talbot - Reply

    So proud to be supporting this Charity.

  • By Trish jacques - Reply

    This is such a fantastic charity, people have made such beautiful gowns with love and care for the sleeping angels. I wish I could use a sewing machine

  • By clare steele - Reply

    i have a wedding dress that cost me 5 thousand pounds. its made of duke satin and i would love it to come to a good home. if you would like it please let me know. xxx

    • By Shellie Blow - Reply

      Hi Clare. We will be reopening our waiting list towards the end of the year. If you’d like to go to our website or follow our fb page we will announce the date nearer the time. Thank you.

  • By Fiona Adams - Reply

    In memory of Toby x

  • By Helen Clifton - Reply

    I donated my wedding dress recently and was reduced to tears when i saw the 13 gowns that were made from it. It is a beautiful thing to do

  • By Debbie George - Reply

    These ladies do an amazing job. My sister lost her baby full term so I’m knitting octopus as it close to my heart x

  • By Kayley Carter - Reply

    Such a lovely thing to do. Amazing people.

  • By Judith Hallimond - Reply

    My baby girl lived 7 hours. I have since had two children and my daughter donated her wedding gown to Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies in memory of her tiny sister, I am so pleased to be able to help this charity.

  • By Carol gossedge - Reply

    I donated my dress and it fills my heart that this charity runs. It can not change the sad outcome these couples and families find themselves in but gives them a moment they can still treasure and give their baby a special outfit without the pressure of having to deal with themselves. A sign that other people care too and every baby matters. Well done x

  • By Hazel kerrison - Reply

    I would love to donate my wedding dress to such a wonderful charity xx

  • By Venus Kumar - Reply

    Amazing cause xxxx

  • By Venus Kumar - Reply

    Amazing cause ♥️♥️♥️

  • By Venus Kumar - Reply

    Amazing cause xxx

  • By Jean - Reply

    I am so proud to belong to this group so that all angel babies can be beautifully dressed something which my eight grand baby angels never had chance of.

  • By Harriet Farmer - Reply

    I would like to donate my wedding dress, please could I have some information about where to send it xx

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