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LibertyRainne was established in 2012 after the stillbirth of our son Rainn.

Knowing throughout the pregnancy that he only had a slim chance of surviving outside the womb, myself and my husband were blessed with the time to think about how we wanted to say goodbye to our little boy, and what we needed from our family to help us survive our loss.

Our little boy was very much wanted by our entire family, after a long struggle with conception and a number of early miscarriages……Rainn was supposed to be our rainbow baby. We explained to everyone that his prognosis was becoming worse by the week, we were told to terminate by a number of doctors, but couldn’t go through with it, and despite my waters breaking at 24 weeks, Rainn decided to continue fighting until 31 weeks and 2 days, when we discovered during a routine scan for complications, that his heart had stopped beating.

We made the decision very early on, that we wanted no sympathy cards. I wanted our son to be celebrated as if he were alive. He may have been stillborn… but he was still born. He was still my little boy, he lived inside of me, his big sister, his daddy, our family. We weren’t pretending he hadn’t died, we were celebrating his little life rather than mourning his loss.
It was then, that we discovered that even in this day and age, with the number of stillbirths, and neonatal deaths in the UK that happen every day… There was still nothing that my family could find that they considered even the slightest bit appropriate for what we were going through… Yes there were sympathy cards ‘Sorry for the loss of your child’, ‘in sympathy’ ‘thinking of you’, but then the new baby cards all said ‘Congratulations’ ‘welcome to the world baby boy’ or ‘Bundle of joy!’… We needed something in between, but there was nothing. Nothing to help me remember my little boy lived. Nothing to celebrate our new son…

So LibertyRainne was born.

From a passion, from the memory of our little boy Rainn. From a need, to make sure no other angel parents had to face the same struggles we did, and could feel safe in their own quests to find timeless and unique personalised keepsakes for their new baby. I loved some of the memorial items on offer, but they were all very similar, and all quite funereal, which isn’t what I wanted for our son at all, and I know a lot of our customers feel the same way. I wanted the opportunity to spoil my son just as I would have, had he been here for his birthday or at Christmas time. The only thing I am now able to do as his mother.

We are honoured every day to be given the opportunity to lighten the weight of someones grief with our items, to share our experiences with others in the hope of comforting them just a little. We don’t always get it right, and we never set out to be an inspiration to anyone, but we are incredibly overwhelmed to know that our little boy has touched so many hearts through our little business. We hope we can continue to do the same for the next 5 years.

Celebrating little lives since 2012.

What Others Have Said

‘After my daughter Jessica was still born on 5th Sept 2016 I had no where to turn. I had no professional support just a leaflet about SANDS. A midwife checked my womb was retracting and that was it. I didn’t feel like a mum anymore. Then through Facebook I found LiberyRainne a keepsake company that provides so much more than keepsakes, no only does her business provide gorgeous timeless keepsakes that allows me to celebrate my daughter like any other mother but provides support, listening to what products grieving parents want, posting meaningful quotes and asking us about our children. This incredible company gives so much love and support to grieving parents. I finally feel like I am allowed to celebrate my daughter in public and be a mum thanks to Liberty Rainne.’

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