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Loss is difficult for everyone, but there’s no feeling in the world that compares to the loss of a child.

I’ve felt that pain of loss. Having personally suffered a miscarriage at 15 weeks, I know exactly what the families who come through the door of Champ are going through. My own personal experiences of grief and mourning have allowed Champ to help others going through that same sense of overwhelming grief. Since then, I have devoted my life to helping families navigate through the grieving process as they come to terms with their loss.

About Champ
A family-owned business for over 30 years, Champ Funeral Service goes above and beyond for grieving families to deliver a unique and personal memorial service that they can treasure forever. Each family is different – after getting to know the family and their wishes, each of our memorials is uniquely personal to the family and their loved one.

Over 30 years’ experience has allowed us to truly understand and appreciate the intricacies of the grieving process. Through our role as Certified Grief Recovery Specialists, we aim to give comfort to the families we care for, offering them a glimmer of light in the midst of the darkness of grief.

Whilst we don’t turn away any family who needs us, a large part of our business is helping families heal from the loss of their child. We have developed a unique process specifically for families grieving a child, which offers comfort and support to them when they need it most.

Our bespoke baby bereavement service
Each family who come to us in their darkest days are approached on a personal level with empathy, compassion and sensitivity. We feel that, during their journey with us, each family and their beautiful Angel Baby become an integral part of the Champs family – a family that can offer the support, care and understanding that they may not be able to get anywhere else.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a tried-and-tested grief management strategy, affectionately called ‘Angel Baby’, designed as a coping mechanism specifically for families who have lost a child. By creating a comforting image of their beloved baby as an angel, Champ aims to give the family a sense of solace by creating a positive image that will guide them through their grieving journey. This strategy allows families to acknowledge their grief head-on in a healthy and comforting way that can help towards a positive healing experience.

The Champ “magic”
When a family first comes to us, we endeavour to get to know everything about the family in order to provide a highly personalised service. Intricate details of the pregnancy help us understand the family – and the baby – in more detail, which allows us to create a bespoke tribute that the family will treasure forever. Each experience with Champ is unique, tailored personally to the needs and wishes of each family.

However, the ‘Champ Magic’ is more than just taking the stress of planning a funeral away and giving families a lasting memory of their lost loved one. It’s about creating a holistic experience within a safe, peaceful and soothing space for families to recognise, acknowledge and be at one with their grief. Through our role as fully qualified grief counsellors, Champ can give every family in our care the physical and emotional support they need in their time of mourning.

As well as providing anything and everything that the family needs during their grieving process to make their lives that bit easier, Champ also has a dedicated 24-hour support line which new families or those already part of the Champs family can call at any time of the day or night. Support in times of darkness can be hard to find, but at Champs it’s just a phone call away.

That’s the Champ Magic.

Natalie’s story
Champ was nominated for this award by Natalie, a wonderful woman who was struggling to come to terms with the loss of her beloved baby Otis. We treated Natalie and her family like we do with all the families that come to us in their time of need – with honesty, compassion and sensitivity. We know first-hand what Natalie and her family are going through, so we used that understanding and empathy to ensure they received the highest quality of care during their grieving process. No request was too much – it’s Champ’s duty to make sure the family gets everything they want and need during this time.

Talking Natalie through her pain offered comfort to a grieving mother and provided her with a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, but at the same time allowed us to understand more about her and about baby Otis. This helped us create the perfect tribute to forever remember Otis, giving the family positive memories of their lost loved one that will last a lifetime.

Natalie was not just thankful for the beautiful service we provided for her son, but for giving her and her family the attention they needed during this difficult time. At Champ, we not only care about the beloved children that have been entrusted to us, we care about looking after their family too and making sure their needs are taken care of. Giving Natalie and her family a safe, secure and sympathetic space to grieve and be at one with their emotions helped the family connect and heal together, whilst our bespoke Grief Counselling service allowed them to acknowledge their feelings and give their grief the attention it deserves.

We’re so grateful we were able to help Natalie and her family get through this incredibly difficult time – going through this experience together means that they will always be a part of the Champ family.

Natalie is just one of the hundreds of families we help to heal, and we ensure that each family in our care receives the same level of dedication.

What Others Have Said

Lianna and Carl at Champ Funeral Home went above and beyond when caring for my little boy after he was born sleeping in June 2016. Not only did they treat myself, my family and Otis with the utmost respect, they treated him just as they would have if he was living – which was a massive comfort in those few days of him being there. They played lullabies for him for 5 days, 24 hours a day, on repeat; they decorated the room he was in with teddies & made it like a little nursery; they gave Otis a cuddle before he was transferred to his little coffin; and said hello in the morning when arriving at work, and goodbye in the evening upon leaving. I cannot thank them enough and cannot think of a bereavement worker more deserving.

5 thoughts on “Bereavement Worker – Lianna Champ Profile Page

  • By Louise Erebara - Reply

    I cannot say enough about Leanna and Carl. My mother past away only 8 days ago and due to living abroad we made sure we could arrange the funeral quickly. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen from start to finish. The support they gave me and my family was remarkable. Carl walked my mother in and it was the most amazing sight. Leanna spoke and delivered the service and she is beyond elegant and graceful. The wonderful lady who prepared my mother was remarkable and made her looks so beautiful. This is not just a job to the people at champs. They all feel your pain and understand everything that you want and need done. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.

  • By valerie baines - Reply

    Two very compassionate people.xx

  • By Deborah bubbins - Reply

    My mother sadly passed away on 15th June 2016 and I was in a very dark place for a long time afterwards and they gave myself and other family members a lot of support whenever we came to visit. They aren’t like your normal chapel of rests where they don’t speak with you, they actually genuinely care about the visitors going to visit their loved ones & always asked how I was feeling and if I ever needed to speak with someone that their doors are always open. & I can’t thank them enough my mum looked beautiful as ever and very peaceful. On the funeral day they both gave my mum a wonderful send off. They are both amazing people who I can’t thank enough xxx

  • By Jason mayor - Reply

    My first ever experience with champs funeral service and Lianna and the rest of the team, made the death of my father copable with a fantastic service and Their professionalism, I’d like to say thank you 😁X

  • By Jill Chambers - Reply

    I have just experienced the saddest day of my life yet it was one of the beautiful things ever thanks to Leanna Champ and her colleagues. Her thoughtfulness and dedication to her profession was overwhelming, every little detail she did was so personal and touched our hearts. From the moment we walked into Champs we were know it was the right choice. Leanna and Carl were amazing to myself and my family and made us feel so proud to our mother.Thankyou from the bottom of our broken hearts for everything you did for us it was a truly beautiful experience.

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