The Butterfly Awards


The Butterfly Awards is a beautiful, inspirational ceremony and dinner which brings awareness of a topic, which is all too often hidden away.

A black tie/cocktail dress event, held in beautiful surroundings ensures that this is a treat to remember, whilst you remember and celebrate the strength and achievements of the nominees highlighted.
The 2017 Butterfly Awards looks set to be an even bigger and better event, with 300 people expected to attend and many to receive awards for the courage they have shown or the work they do in supporting those going through babyloss. We are currently accepting sponsorship for the event, please view our Sponsorship Opportunities.



7 thoughts on “The Butterfly Awards

  • By Kristin Casey - Reply

    Dawne Braine is a very deserving lady and should receive this award for all the dedication she puts into SANDS and our local hospital. As a retired midwife, I have been involved in care of bereaved families at times when they have been told their beloved baby has not survived, supporting them through the birth and postnatally. It takes its emotional toll on carers too. Not only has Dawne suffered this tragic loss of her baby George but she continues to selflessly support others.

  • By Ingrid Sadiki - Reply

    Great work!

  • By Susan Baker - Reply

    Michelle Lynch is a thoroughly deserving candidate for this award. She has built up her bereavement service from nothing and largely alone. Her determination to make sure “her ladies” and indeed all the family get the best before, during and after is amazing!! She gives up a lot of her own spare time ( never complaining) to arrange services for the bereaved families ,fundraising etc and making sure they are never just left to cope alone. I once asked her how she managed such a sad job when she was a mother herself. She just sighed and told me ” at least I have my baby to go home to” Everyday she dedicates herself to these mothers and their families always putting them first. “A true angel “one mother called her and she truly is.

  • By Amanda Fletcher - Reply

    Lisa Fisher has worked for many years dedicating her time to care for families who are bereaved and attending the annual church service. She trains and supports staff to care for women and families in these difficult and emotional circumstances. She has assisted to develop policies and links in well with the Mortuary for after care.
    Thank you for being there for us xx

  • By Alma Stewart - Reply

    Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Megan Murray is a truly inspirational lady. She works alone in her role and has managed to provide an amazing, supportive service to all those who need her. She has even worked to provide special baby services and areas in local cemeteries. She has helped so many families at such a tragic time. She is totally committed to her role and it shows through her support and compassion whenever she may be needed. Thanks for all you do Megan!

  • By Loretta evans - Reply

    Cherished gowns uk is just amazing. Helping others when needed . Everyone is like a big family helping other families at very difficult times

  • By Hayley - Reply

    Good evening,

    I was wondering if you could tell me how to go about nominating for next years awards

    Thank you


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